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Citrus  |  Lemon  |  Earthy


– Grape Ape

– Lemon Tree

– Sour Tangie

– Gelato

– Watermelon Haze

– Sunset Sherbert

– Orange Kush

– Forbidden Fruit

– Platinum Kush

– Mimosa

– Strawberry Blonde

– Purple Punch

– Sour Tangie

– Super Sour Diesel

– Limoncello

– Train Wreck

– Zkittelz

– Orange Crush

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Buy UFO Extracts uk

Buy UFO Extracts uk  for sale at incredibly low prices. Like all our vape carts, our extracts use premium terpenes blended
into our cold-ethanol distillate. No other fillers are added..no P/G no V/G and no dilutants. Also, No battery
needed as the extracts use Cell disposables that deliver quality clouds with every hit.
Crafted for top-quality vaping experience UFO vape cartridges provide you with one full gram of super premium
concentrate for the ultimate flavor experience at hand. The Ufo cartridges are very compatible with the 510
thread batteries and are made with superior Quartz.

Its flavors are available in Indica, Sativa, and Hydrid
cartridges. Order UFO Carts online today from the most reputable vendor of THC vape cartridges online.
Total THC:
Total Cannabinoids:

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