Jack Herer wax 1g

Buy Jack Herer Wax UKJack Herer marijuana Wax is also known as budder, earwax, butane hash oil, or BHO, marijuana wax is one of the most popular forms of concentrated THC

Jack Herer wax


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Wax is an opaque, solid substance produced via a similar process as shatter, and in appearance, it looks buttery and does not have the same translucent appearance as shatter. Also, different wax consistencies are created using different oil textures, moisture, and heat levels. It has a pine/sweet smell that even comes through in the taste. We can Provide Order Jack Herer Wax online easily.

The pine/wood taste is more frequent if it is smoked, but the wax from the sweet side of the strain comes through in the taste. It has a golden yellow color, and it does not clump into bigger chunks, thus making scooping up to dab even easier than before. It is renowned for its powerful levels of taste and power; and also allows both medical and recreational users to get the effects they desire and thus never disappoints its customers/ anyone interested.

Benefits of Jack Herer Wax

  • It helps a person focus more on tasks that one enjoys and do them with moreease.
  • It also helps feel euphoric, extremely colorful, ad enjoy every bit of life.
  • It also helps treat insomnia and thus helps us get the amount of sleeprequired.

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